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At Stress Productions we design and build one off, fun, exciting, innovative and professional high quality dynamic websites and thrive on getting your online presence noticed no matter whether you are a big or small company. We build bespoke websites tailored to your needs to give your company a professional online presence and keep your customers and end users interested whilst browsing your products and services no matter what device they're using. We always build and code our websites to make them modern, fresh and visually pleasing, to the end user whilst keeping the navigation of the website as easy and a quick as possible and thus help your business succeed and stand out from the crowd.

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We only use the latest video editing software and equipment to edit all of our videos and have provided our video editing services to a number of clients for various applications such as training videos, video picture slide shows, virtual house/property tours, large LED wall visuals for events, corporate presentations and promotional product launches.

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We can mix and/or remix music tracks to fit your website, video project or simply just create a pre-recorded mix for personal or corporate use such as a keep fit or burn out classes or for a stand at a corporate event or show. Stress Productions have created mixes for use at corporate events, remixed countless tracks for use by DJ's both mobile and club, cut and edited tracks to fit YouTube videos, a one hour mix for CPR training that had to be 100 beats per minute throughout for correct resuscitation timing, wedding first dances, website background audio and many other uses.

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We can design and build live automated and animated scenes, overlays and code custom widgets with sounds and transitions that will interact with any live notification whether it's a new follower or like right through to donations, stars and subscriptions for use in any Open Broadcaster Software and live streaming software.

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We have provided a number of clients with our coding service whether it be for a dynamic website which must change automatically or online application right through to interactive corporate games and fairground attractions.

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We offer bespoke logo and brand design to tailor to your company image. We build company logos from scratch, develop your existing company logo to incorporate a change in your company or just simply modernise it to give your commercial presence a face lift. We can design and build your company logo from anything, from text to an idea scribbled on a post-it note. We create your logo and save it in a number of different formats to suit your use whether it's simply on a website or printed on jackets or t-shirts.

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We have designed and produced many presentations for corporate, commercial and private uses, just recently Stress Productions have designed and built over thirty different semi-automated slideshow presentations for a single training company so that all of their training courses are branded and look the same high standard. Another of our clients required a presentation for a wedding disco where more than 50% of the guests were hard of hearing or completely def, therefore we produced a presentation that would run on two 65 inch screens either side of the disco. The presentation was made to be semi-automatic so that the slides would progress for a real time countdown then freeze and wait for the DJ to progress the presentation. The slide would change to 'Please welcome on to the dance floor Laura and Oliver for their first dance' the DJ would say the same on the microphone then the presentation would automatically play their first dance with both audio, video and with the words to the song along the bottom of the screen so that def or hard of hearing guests could read/sing along to the lyrics of the song so everyone was involved and no one felt exclude.

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Here at Stress Productions we can design you a bespoke business card design to match not only your business brand, logo and company colours but we can also design your business cards so that they will match your website to reinforce your online and offline corporate identity.

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Email signatures are a great and effective way of marketing and putting across your brand message, every time you send an email you are effectively leaving an electronic business card at the bottom of every email. Email signatures come mainly one of two ways: 'The traditional email signature' is mainly text these signatures are designed not to stand out but instead discreetly sit at the bottom of each email with business and contact information, on the other hand 'The email signature card' looks like a business card and is designed to stand out, it can be coloured to match your company colours and logo and can even be a digital replica of your business card.

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We have designed training manuals and information booklets for a number of our clients over the years ranging from a four page 'what you need to know' handout booklet to full designed and picture illustrated 200 page instruction learning training manuals. At Stress Productions we are always conscious on brand awareness and design and colour all our bespoke manuals with that in mind making sure that the design is in keeping with your brand whilst making it aesthetically pleasing as possible but where legibility is key.

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We can design flyers and posters for any occasion and application whether it's to advertise and special offer with an A5 flyer/leaflet or promote a club or product with an A0 poster. We can design any flyer or poster to any size, we are not constrained to any paper size like A4, A3, A2 as we can offer any custom bespoke sizes, so if you are looking for a tall thin poster to be placed on pillar uprights or even a short wide poster to fit along the bottom of a stage then we can definitely design it for you.

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We design compliment slips and letter headed paper to match not only your business colours and company logo but your website and brand too. Compliment slips can be designed to include any information and can be produced in the standard comp slip size or can be any size and shape you require for your brand and likewise all of our letter headed paper is designed so it incorporates a header and/or footer layout which can then be sent to a printer for mass printing or if you wish we can integrate your headed paper into a Microsoft Word document template so it is printed in one go.

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For more information on our products and services please email Stress Productions at the link below and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.