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Who we are


We are a website design company based near Ipswich in Suffolk, United Kingdom that can take the stress out of building, updating and managing your new or existing website.

Founded by our working director in 2004, Stress productions have always built bespoke websites and since grown and produced work for many local and national companies, pioneered innovative ideas and won awards for it's digital work.

We are not geeks (well only the ones who need to be) and will not spout off at one hundred miles and hour with reams of jargon, we speak in pain old English and pride ourselves in being passionate about not only our work but our customers too, therefore we are not the type of company that try to sell you something you do not need or want so do not offer any 'fixed design packages' we would rather you spend less money with us and get the website you want that works for you rather than spending more and not benefiting from it or it having a detrimental effect on your online presence.


We know all of our clients are very different so we discuss what your needs are and custom build your website to best suit your company and customers.

We offer help and advise throughout the design and build stages of your website for maximum online impact!


CO2 Free


Stress Productions host with STRATO Europe's second largest web hosting provider. STRATO has reduced energy consumption per customer by 30% to become even more energy efficient and climate friendly.


Electricity has become the largest direct expense factor for IT. In consequence, many Web hosts purchase cheap energy produced in risky nuclear power plants or polluting coal-burning power-plants but short-term savings do not help solve the problem. IT service providers need to raise their energy efficiency in order to be competitive in the long run. STRATO has successfully done so, especially in three areas: hardware; building services engineering; software. Furthermore since 2008 STRATO's data centres have operated 100% carbon-neutral through renewable energy.


For further information on how STRATO delivers CO2 free web hosting can be found at



Zero CO2 in our website




What we do


At Stress Productions we design and build one off, fun, exciting, innovative and professional high quality websites and thrive on getting you noticed on the World Wide Web no matter whether you are a big or small company.


We build bespoke websites tailored to your needs to give your company a professional online presence and keep your customers interested whilst browsing your products and services.


We always build and code our websites from scratch and specialise in making modern, fresh and visually pleasing, whether it's a whacky blog, slightly quirky website or formal corporate looking website therefore we offer a wide range of online and offline digital products and services to help your business succeed and stand out from the crowd.


Consultation Service


At Stress Productions we design and build bespoke, one off, fun, exciting, innovative, professional high quality websites and we thrive on getting you noticed on the World Wide Web no matter whether you are a big or small company.


We build bespoke websites to tailored to your needs to give your company a professional online presence and keep your customers interested whilst browsing your products and services.


We always build and code our websites from scratch and specialise in making modern, fresh and visually pleasing, whether it's a whacky blog, slightly quirky website or formal corporate looking website therefore we offer a wide range of online and offline digital products and services to help your business stand out from the crowd.



Counties covered by our free consultation


Logo design


At Stress Productions we offer bespoke logo design to tailor to your company image.


We build company logos from scratch or develop your existing company logo to incorporate a change in your company or just simply modernise it to give your commercial presence a face lift.


We can design and build your company logo from anything, from text to an idea scribbled on a post-it note.


We create your logo and save it in a number of different formats to suit your use whether it's simply on a website or printed on jacket or t-shirts.


We can also redesign your business cards, compliment slips and letter headed paper to incorporate your new company logo.


Multimedia design


Here at Stress Productions we offer a number of different multimedia design services to meet all your expectations and company needs!


We work with the latest audio visual equipment and software to create bespoke media for your company.


We specialise in but are not limited to mobile phone ring tones, 360 degree virtual tours, mix CD's, CAD design and video editing.


If your company require any other multimedia design then please let us know, we may be able to help you, or know someone who can!



We do more than just web design


Audio Editing, Mixing & Remixing


Stress Productions' sister company Stress Mix can mix and/or remix music tracks to fit your website, video project or simply just create a mix CD for personal or corporate use such as a keep fit/burn out class or for a stand at a corporate event/show.


Stress Mix have created mixes for use at corporate events, remixed countless tracks for use by DJ's both mobile and club, cut and edited tracks to fit the YouTube videos, a one hour mix for CPR training that had to be 100 BPM (beats per minute) throughout for correct resuscitation timing, wedding first dances, website background audio and many many more uses.


Stress Mix mix all of their work in house by their bespoke team of sound engineers and DJs. Stress Mix do not out source anything so you can sit down with the Stress Mix technicians to get the results you are really looking for.


Video Editing


We have provided video editing for a number of our clients for various different applications such as training videos, video picture slide shows, corporate presentations and promotional videos.


Mobile Phone Ring Tones


Stress Productions have been asked to make mobile phone ring tones for various different customers.


This evolves cutting and splicing the audio track so the chorus plays quickly and that the overall length is around 30 seconds.


When you ask us to create a bespoke ring tone for you, you will receive it in .mp3 file format, Apple tone for use with Apple products such as the iPhone and a high quality lossless format that you can resample/convert into any other audio file format you wish without any loss of quality.


360 Panorama Photography


Stress Productions have been asked to create 360 panorama photographs for a number of different clients and applications.


360 panorama photography is mainly used to photograph something that it normally too wide to fit into a normal photograph, or used if you cannot get far enough away from a large object like a building.


We bring along our top of the range photography equipment which is specially adapted for taking 360 images/photos, we are able to set up quickly and are able to take the required pictures without any disruption to the workplace what so ever.


The raw photograph/image can be easily edited and cropped to lose any boring walls or parts of a room you would rather miss out, the end panorama can be 360, 270, 180, 90 or anything in-between.


By combining our bespoke panoramic photography with our very own coding we are able to create an interactive virtual tour that your customers can pan, zoom and spin to take a good look around your workshop, house, apartment rooms, even swimming pools, the possibilities are almost endless.


Email Signatures


Stress Productions' sister company Liquid Email specialise in creating bespoke email signatures for everyday company use.


Email signatures are a great and effective way of marketing and putting across your brand message, every time you send an email you are effectively leaving an electronic business card at the bottom of every email.


Email signatures come mainly one of two ways:


The traditional email signature


Mainly text these signatures are designed not to stand out but discreetly sit at the bottom of each email, these signatures often have large disclaimers and copyright text, this style of signature can also have a small business logo but doesn't necessarily warrant it.


The email signature card


This type of signature looks like a business card and is designed to stand out, it can be coloured to match your company colours and logo and can even be a replica of your current business card.


Interactive CD-ROM


We have created many different interactive CD-ROMs mainly for use on business card discs or CDs, these are miniature discs branded with your company business card printed on them and are able to be put into a computer or laptop to view an interactive business card, brochure, catalogue or website. Once the disc is placed into a computer or laptop using our bespoke software the disc will Auto-Run and open up the information on the business card CD.




Stress Productions can design and build online catalogues also known as eBrochures, our eBrochures give an offline feel to online media by allowing the end user to drag, drop and turn pages as you would in real life but using the computer mouse or touch screen, there are also audio effects built in to the eBrochures so turning a page doesn't just feel like you're doing it, it's sounds like it too!


eBrochures can be made portrait or landscape and each individual page can be zoomed in and out by the user.


All eBrochures are designed to incorporate your company colours or product, eBrochures have no upper limit to the amount of pages you can have within it.


CAD Design


Stress Productions have been asked to produce CAD drawings and designs to help a few of our clients with project/event planning.


We have produced both 2D and 3D designs to showcase ideas at corporate presentations, shows, events and have produced final to scale plan drawings.


To the right hand side of the page are a few samples of work we have been asked to carry out please use your mouse to hover over the images to enlarge them.


Power Point Presentation Creation


Stress Productions have designed and produced many presentations for corporate, commercial and private uses.


One of our PowerPoint presentations that we have produced was for a wedding disco where more than 50% of the guests were hard of hearing or def, therefore we produced a presentation that would run on two large plasma screens either side of the disco.


The presentation was made to be semi-automatic so that the slides would progress for a real time countdown then freeze and wait for the DJ to progress the presentation. The slide would change to "Please welcome on to the dance floor Laura & Oliver for their first dance" the DJ would say the same on the microphone then the presentation would automatically play their first dance with both audio, video and with the words to the song along the bottom of the screen (a bit like karaoke) so that the def guests would could see the lyrics to the song as to not exclude them, a similar thing happened for the last song of the evening and finally a "Good Night" slide.


Site minder


If you have the type of company that is constantly changing and improving you'll probably want your website to do the same, therefore Stress Productions have invented four inexpensive solutions to continuous website maintenance.


With Stress Productions Site Minder you will be able to update and change your website month to month with ease without any extra cost this way there are no hidden charges at all.


With most Stress Productions Site Minder packages you will be able to update the content on your website, update the design of your website, update the coding, update picture galleries and add and remove pages from your website.


We have four main packages which suit 90% of all our clients, however if you/your company falls into the other 10% we do offer a custom package which you may wish us to create to better suit your needs. Please contact us if you think you may benefit from a tailor made custom package.


Stationary design


Stress Productions design stationary to maximise your brand identity, we do this by designing business cards, letter headed paper and compliment slips the same way we design our bespoke websites so that everything can matches.


There is nothing worse than having a great website and a bad business card, a business card may put off potential clients by looking unprofessional then may never visit your website however great it is.



Other ways we can get you noticed


Business Card Design


Stress Productions can design you a bespoke business card to match not only your business colours and company logo, we can design you a business card that will match your website to reinforce your online and offline corporate identity.


To the right hand side of the page are a few samples of business cards we have been asked to produce please use your mouse to hover over the images to enlarge them.


Flyer & Poster Design


Stress Productions can design flyers and posters for any occasion and application whether it's to advertise and special offer with an A5 flyer/leaflet or promote a club or product with an A0 poster.


We can design any flyer or poster to any size, we are not constrained to any paper size like A4, A3, A2 as we can offer custom bespoke sizes, so if you are looking for a tall thin poster to be placed on pillar uprights or even a short wide poster to fit along the bottom of a stage then we can definitely design it for you.


Letter Headed Paper Design


Stress Productions design bespoke letter headed paper to match your business colours and company logo.


We design all letter headed paper so it can be sent to a printer for mass printing or if you wish we can integrate your letter headed paper for use in a Microsoft Word document so it is printed in one go which saves you endlessly lining up the printer and changing paper trays.


Our letter headed paper is designed to incorporate a header and/or footer and can layout designs to fit any size of printable paper from A0 to A6 right through to C4 and DL and all in CMYK


Compliment Slip Design


Stress Productions design compliment slips to match not only your business colours and company logo but your website too.


Compliment slips can be designed to include any information and can be produced in the standard comp slip size or can be any size and shape you like/require.


To the right hand side of the page are a few samples of compliment slips we have been asked to produce please use your mouse to hover over the images to enlarge them.


Website design


Here at Stress Productions we only design and build bespoke one off websites.


We can incorporate any idea you may have for your new website into the design and will continuously liaise with you throughout the design and build process allowing you to see live updates of your new website online on our web server so you can see a live work in progress while your current website remains untouched, so there is no fear of your web presence going down whilst your new website is finalised.


We pride ourselves in making bespoke websites tailored to your requirements and online needs whilst keeping your customers in mind too by making all our websites easy to navigate so your customers know exactly where to click to get what service or product they are looking for.


We never use templates and we build all our websites in-house from scratch, coding them using industry leading hardware and software to creating you a one off website to perfectly suit your company and increase your company's website worth.


There are many factors that determine the 'worth' of a site, mainly by how much revenue the site is bringing in this is calculated by how much traffic the site is bringing in on a monthly basis, email subscribers if any, search engine positioning for certain keywords, etc. this is why we also code every one of our websites with all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.) in mind so new and existing customers can find you quickly and easily by use of good SEO or search engine optimisation.



We only build one off bespoke websites


Picture Galleries


Our picture galleries can be used for many applications other than just a simple gallery, they can be used anywhere on any webpage where an image is needed to be enlarged. Our galleries enlarge the thumbnail images instantly on mouse hover, so the end user has only got to point at the picture they want enlarged. Stress Production picture galleries can be made to any width, height or size, also thumbnail images can be made to be any size and all Stress Production picture galleries are able to integrate fully into any website or mobile site for use on mobile phones.


Virtual Tours


By combining our bespoke panorama photography with our very own coding we can create an interactive virtual tour that your customers and pan, zoom and spin to take a good look around your workshop, house, apartments rooms or even swimming pools.


Our virtual tours can be made to any width and height to suit your current website and do not have to be a full 360 so you can hide an unattractive wall or feature by making the virtual tour 270 or even 180


We can also create our virtual tours in a number of different resolutions so if you would like your customer to be able to zoom in to a grain of sand we can do that too.


Our virtual tours are so versatile they can be used for almost anything so just ask the Stress Productions team!


Flash Integration


Is your website missing that wow factor? Then integrating flash on to your website maybe your answer, whether it's an animated header, application or menu system, using flash will enhance the end user experience.


However integrating flash incorrectly or using too much flash content in some cases can have a detrimental effect on a website.


Some negative effects of flash can be

Decreasing search engine optimisation


This can be because most search engines can only see that a flash file is present and cannot read the contents/text within the file, so making sure important text is reproduced else where on the site or not including it in the flash content is critical.


Blocked flash content


Some companies block the use of flash on work computers, so making sure flash is kept to a minimum and or produce a non-flash version of the website is important.


Mobile devices


Most mobile devices still do not support flash content, so building a mobile/portable scaled down version of the website is useful.



We at Stress Productions have used flash for many years and have incorporated it's use in many of our websites. We always advise you and make sure that we integrate flash without any negative effect to your website.


Left are some images of examples of flash that we have integrated into different websites, click on the images to view the working flash file integrated within it's website.


JavaScript Application


JavaScript has many uses it can be practical, useful and fun. We use JavaScript in most of our websites and even on this website it's how it scrolls!


JavaScript can also be used to display pictures and text that are required to be displayed at a certain time or be displayed randomly. This type of JavaScript can also change the whole style and look of a website. For instance it can change the colour/style of the website according to time of day so during the day it may be light or even white in colour and during the night it could be dark and black in colour, if you visit on different days of the week you will notice that it will change colour from day-to-day.


JavaScript can also be used for picture slideshows or animated header images in some websites.


Mobile Website Design


Stress Productions can design and build any mobile website to run along side an existing desktop website or be made as a mobile only website.


With the ever increasing number of mobile internet phones and accessibility to online content it is important that your website is as accessible as possible, loading up a desktop style website on your mobile phone takes time, doesn't always work if there is fancy JavaScript and/or Flash content and is too large causing the end user to scroll needlessly left and right.


By implementing a mobile design on your website you can automatically re-direct your customers to the mobile version of your website which will load quickly, be fully mobile/tablet compatible and will not scroll horizontally.


Mobile websites can be completely separate to the desktop site so if you want to hide/dismiss pages of your desktop website you can and if there is a special offer you would like to run only for mobile users you can do that too.





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